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Our Services 

1. Documented Information package:

The package includes customized procedures that are linked to a Quality Manual.

Procedures give the details of who, what, when, where and more importantly, how work is done within an organization. When combined with a quality manual, procedures form the basis of a good management system.

What we can do for you:

When written procedures do not exist:

  • Develop company procedures based on interviews and observation
  • Create a procedures manual, which includes associated Work Instructions and Forms
  • Work Instructions are developed when critical processes require specific steps for completion
  • Forms can be used where records of accomplishment are required
  • Record processes in an easy to follow, standard format
  • The procedure format will easily integrate with a customized Quality Manual

When written procedures are in use:

  • Revise as necessary to fit our standard format
  • Edit as necessary to make them easy to follow
  • Integrate with a customized Quality Manual


A Quality Manual can be used in an organization to capture, in writing, those principles that management has determined to be the most important for effective quality management.

In the ISO 9000 context, accepted methods of good management practices are detailed in a Quality Manual (Policy Manual) which is based on the widely used ISO 9001: 2015 (ISO 9000) Standard. The Standard specifies requirements for a quality management system that can be used by organizations for internal application, or for ISO certification, or for contractual purposes.

We offer the following:

  • Create a customized Quality Manual
  • Ensure the Quality Manual reflects your company's intentions, by obtaining your input
  • The Manual will accommodate available company procedures (by reference)
  • The Quality Manual could be used for internal management purposes
  • Make changes to the quality manual, if required for initial registration
  • Fixed price contracts for completion of the Documented Information


A Quality Management System (QMS) requires commitment from a company when it is being set up. Most companies usually hire ISO 9000 consultants to assist with setting up the system, so that the company can continue to focus on its products or services.

How we can support your implementation:

  • We will assist a company designated representative with Quality Management System implementation;
  • Help establish the Organizational Context;
  • Explore Risk-Based-Thinking;
  • Reinforce the Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) methodology;
  • Conduct a Quality Management System audit after the system is in place;
  • Provide an audit report showing where the system needs improvements;
  • Assist with development of acceptable corrective and preventive actions;
  • Being available during the Registrar's certification audit (if necessary)


We offer on-going support with fixed-price contracts to suit your needs for areas such as:

  • Assistance with QMS documentation updates
  • Additions to the company's approved scope
  • Support for conducting company internal audits
  • Assistance with developing acceptable Corrective / Preventive Actions
  • Assistance with Continual Improvement projects
  • QMS (ISO 9001) training for new employees